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Medical Social Services

Let our medical social workers lend their hands in helping you and your loved ones deal with such difficulties about navigating health care.

Our Medical Social Workers here at Lifesavers’ Home Health Services, Inc. are efficient in helping you and your family cope with psychosocial, cultural, medical, and financial issues due to an illness of a loved one. They will ensure that your loved one will have a healthier recuperation and can utilize the medical care and services he or she deserves.

nurse looking the medical records of her patient

The following are some of the services we offer:

  • Evaluating the household’s domestic or family’s living conditions
  • Helping individuals and families get access to appropriate home health care services
  • Explaining to patients the epidemiology of diseases, including social environment risk factors
  • Giving access to a network of healthcare specialists who can help the clients in recovery or rehabilitation